Holiday Lighting

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You’re thinking about festive gatherings, wish lists, and maybe even a dusting of snow. Getting ready for the holiday season shouldn’t be stressful – and with JD Pressure Washing, it just got that much easier! We’re your source for an easy, festive season with our holiday lighting solutions.

Creating Holiday Magic For Your Home

Which sounds more like an ideal holiday season to you: wrapping presents, sipping cider, and enjoying traditions… Or untangling hundreds of feet of Christmas lights, pulling out the ladder, and trying to make sense of at all?

The choice is clear! Banish the thought of balancing acts on your roof and detangling challenges and trust JD Pressure Washing instead.

We Specialize In Custom Holiday Lighting Solutions That:

    Love an elaborate lighting design that will outshine the entire neighborhood? Consider it done. Gravitate towards classic, understated holiday decor? We will make that happen, too!
    You give us as much direction (or as little) as you like, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our job is to make the decorating process a seamless one for you – and we take our job seriously.
    We love the excitement that comes after we complete a holiday lighting installation, and our quick timeline minimizes the wait before your winter wonderland comes to life. After the holidays have wrapped for the season, we’ll efficiently put your decor away so it’s ready to debut next year.

Be Grand With Custom Holiday Lighting Solutions

You focus on your favorite holiday traditions, and we’ll focus on the rest! JD Pressure Washing delivers Brunswick County’s best holiday lighting installations for your home – and we also provide complete solutions. Every step of the process is covered by our experts, including:

    We’ve scoured the market for the most durable and energy efficient lighting solutions. The result: an inventory of bright, unique, and long-lasting holiday lights that will light up your home for years to come.
    From simple roofline lighting to a tree-wrapped driveway to a carnival-inspired lights show, we bring your vision to reality. Our technicians bring a variety of elements into our design process, including:

    • Roof lines
    • Home silhouettes
    • Windows, doors, and porches
    • Tree trunk wrapping
    • Tree branch wrapping
    • Wreaths and other ornamentation
    All of our technicians are safety-certified and fully trained in holiday lighting techniques. This means that we’re bringing you innovative lighting solutions through a safe and secure process.
    After the last holiday party has wrapped up, our team is here for you. We deliver complete take-down solutions where we carefully remove lighting, package it up, and prepare it to wait for its debut next holiday season.
    Dealing with holiday lighting can feel like a hassle. We remove the stress by storing your decorations so they’re out of the way until they’re ready to make a return.

Let us design the best holiday lighting for your home – be the envy of your neighborhood. With JD Pressure Washing, your home will be a beacon of beauty and joy this holiday season.

Call Today (919) 889-0733 for your FREE Holiday Lighting Evaluation! Your Satisfaction is our PRIORITY!