House Washing

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Pressure Washing Leland NC

House-WashingYou have all seen a home with vinyl siding that looks like this (image to the left). Algae seems to be able to grow on anything. It is particularly noticeable on vinyl siding. This algae can destroy the curb appeal of your home.

JD Pressure Washing uses only low pressure methods for house washing. What is low pressure? It is the application of the chemicals via our own techniques and equipment without the need for thousands of pounds of pressure.  Algae does not cling to the siding like a barnacle on a boat, so why use high pressure to remove it? Improper use of a pressure washer to clean siding can cause irreversible damage to the vinyl.  We call this wand marks. This is caused by the use of too much pressure or too narrow of a pressure stream. These are the squiggly lines that you see on the side of some homes.  If you’re looking for Pressure Washing in LeLand NC give us a call today.

Our house washing process is a low pressure cleaning application and the proper mix of cleaning solutions. House-Washing-Southport
Maybe you have mold or mildew on the side of your home. We also have a process for that. We will remove the mold and mildew from your home and make it seem like your home got a face lift. Call us Today for a FREE quote at 919-889-0733.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]